About Me

Image of Calvin WilsonPersonality wise, I am a balanced ENTJ/INTJ. I genuinely like people and have the ability to build teams and inspire them to reach goals. I can communicate at any level of technical understanding and am cognizant of my audience when speaking, teaching, or directing.

Professionally and academically, I am a problem solver at heart. I enjoy “cracking tough nuts”. This usually takes the form of solving business problems through the use of technology, reasoning, and rigorous procedure. Whether the need is to manage projects to completion, integrate systems, or design processes and applications, my natural style is to dig in to understand the details of a problem or situation and how it effects the business in order to find the best path forward.

Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor activities such and fishing, hiking, camping, etc. I enjoy traveling, and am particularly partial to the mountains. I’m an avid reader and lifelong learner and have several hobbies which I enjoy.